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Lenovo Essential Wireless Combo - Keyboard and mouse set1

Lenovo Essential Wireless Combo - Keyboard and mouse set
Lenovo Essential Wireless Combo - Keyboard and mouse set
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Manufacturer: Lenovo

Product group:

Manuf.No.: 4X30M39496

Art.No.: S18601475

wireless, 2.4 GHz, UK English, for S510; ThinkCentre M700; M71X; M810; M910; ThinkPad L470; T470; T570; X1 Carbon; X270

  • Full size 2.5 zone layout
  • Low-profile, island style keys
  • Adjustable tilt legs
  • Spill resistant design
  • 128-bit AES encryption protection
  • Efficient optical sensor for precision tracking
  • Ambidextrous three button design for both left- and right-handed comfort

Price: 47,00 EUR

Compatibility, fits ...


S200 10HQ, S200 10HR, S200z 10HA, S200z 10K4, S200z 10K5, S400z 10HB, S400z 10K2, S405z 10HD, S500 10HS, S500 10HV, S500 10JL, S500z 10HC, S500z 10K3, S510 10KW, S510 10KX, S510 10KY, S510 10L0, S510 10L3, S510 10L4, S510 10L7, S510 10L8, S510 10LB, S510 10LC, S510 10LF, S510 10LG, ThinkCentre Chromebox 10H2, ThinkCentre Chromebox 10H3, ThinkCentre Chromebox 10H5, ThinkCentre Chromebox 10H8, ThinkCentre Edge 63z 10D4, ThinkCentre Edge 63z 10D5, ThinkCentre Edge 63z 10D6, ThinkCentre Edge 63z 10D7, ThinkCentre Edge 63z 10E0, ThinkCentre Edge 63z 10E1, ThinkCentre Edge 63z 10E2, ThinkCentre Edge 63z 10E3, ThinkCentre Edge 63z 10EL, ThinkCentre Edge 73z 10BD, ThinkCentre Edge 93z 10B8, ThinkCentre Edge 93z 10B9, ThinkCentre Edge 93z 10BA, ThinkCentre Edge 93z 10BH, ThinkCentre Edge 93z 10BJ, ThinkCentre Edge 93z 10BK, ThinkCentre M32 10BM, ThinkCentre M32 10BV, ThinkCentre M53 10DB, ThinkCentre M53 10DC, ThinkCentre M53 10DD, ThinkCentre M53 10DE, ThinkCentre M53 10DW, ThinkCentre M53 10DX, ThinkCentre M53 10DY, ThinkCentre M600 10G8, ThinkCentre M600 10G9, ThinkCentre M600 10GA, ThinkCentre M600 10GB, ThinkCentre M600 10GC, ThinkCentre M600 10GD, ThinkCentre M600 10GE, ThinkCentre M600 10GF, ThinkCentre M600 10GH, ThinkCentre M600 10GJ, ThinkCentre M600 10GK, ThinkCentre M600 10GM, ThinkCentre M600 10KG, ThinkCentre M600 10KH, ThinkCentre M600 10KJ, ThinkCentre M600 10KK, ThinkCentre M700 10GQ, ThinkCentre M700 10GR, ThinkCentre M700 10GS, ThinkCentre M700 10GT, ThinkCentre M700 10HY, ThinkCentre M700 10J0, ThinkCentre M700 10JM, ThinkCentre M700 10JN, ThinkCentre M700 10JQ, ThinkCentre M700 10JR, ThinkCentre M700 10JS, ThinkCentre M700 10JT, ThinkCentre M700 10KL, ThinkCentre M700 10KM, ThinkCentre M700 10KN, ThinkCentre M700 10KQ, ThinkCentre M700z 10EY, ThinkCentre M700z 10F1, ThinkCentre M710q 10MQ, ThinkCentre M710q 10MR, ThinkCentre M710q 10MS, ThinkCentre M710s 10M7, ThinkCentre M710s 10M8, ThinkCentre M710t 10M9, ThinkCentre M710t 10MA, ThinkCentre M715q 10M2, ThinkCentre M715q 10M3, ThinkCentre M715q 10M5, ThinkCentre M73 10AX, ThinkCentre M73 10AY, ThinkCentre M73 10B0, ThinkCentre M73 10B1, ThinkCentre M73 10B2, ThinkCentre M73 10B3, ThinkCentre M73 10B4, ThinkCentre M73 10B5, ThinkCentre M73 10B6, ThinkCentre M73 10B7, ThinkCentre M73e 10AY, ThinkCentre M73e 10B0, ThinkCentre M73e 10B2, ThinkCentre M73e 10B6, ThinkCentre M73z 10BB, ThinkCentre M73z 10BC, ThinkCentre M78 10BN, ThinkCentre M78 10BQ, ThinkCentre M78 10BR, ThinkCentre M78 10BS, ThinkCentre M78 10BT, ThinkCentre M78 10BU, ThinkCentre M79 10CN, ThinkCentre M79 10CQ, ThinkCentre M79 10CR, ThinkCentre M79 10CS, ThinkCentre M79 10CT, ThinkCentre M79 10CU, ThinkCentre M79 10CV, ThinkCentre M79 10CW, ThinkCentre M79 10J5, ThinkCentre M79 10J6, ThinkCentre M79 10J7, ThinkCentre M79 10J9, ThinkCentre M79 10JA, ThinkCentre M79 10JB, ThinkCentre M800 10FV, ThinkCentre M800 10FW, ThinkCentre M800 10FX, ThinkCentre M800 10FY, ThinkCentre M800z 10ET, ThinkCentre M800z 10EU, ThinkCentre M800z 10EV, ThinkCentre M800z 10EW, ThinkCentre M810z 10NX, ThinkCentre M810z 10NY, ThinkCentre M83 10AG, ThinkCentre M83 10AH, ThinkCentre M83 10AJ, ThinkCentre M83 10AK, ThinkCentre M83 10AL, ThinkCentre M83 10AM, ThinkCentre M83 10AN, ThinkCentre M83 10BE, ThinkCentre M83 10E8, ThinkCentre M83 10E9, ThinkCentre M83 10EA, ThinkCentre M83 10EB, ThinkCentre M83z 10C2, ThinkCentre M83z 10C3, ThinkCentre M900 10FC, ThinkCentre M900 10FD, ThinkCentre M900 10FG, ThinkCentre M900 10FH, ThinkCentre M900 10FL, ThinkCentre M900 10FM, ThinkCentre M900 10FR, ThinkCentre M900 10FS, ThinkCentre M900x 10LX, ThinkCentre M900x 10LY, ThinkCentre M900z 10F2, ThinkCentre M900z 10F3, ThinkCentre M900z 10F4, ThinkCentre M900z 10F5, ThinkCentre M910q 10MU, ThinkCentre M910q 10MV, ThinkCentre M910q 10N0, ThinkCentre M910s 10MK, ThinkCentre M910s 10ML, ThinkCentre M910t 10MM, ThinkCentre M910t 10MN, ThinkCentre M910x 10N0, ThinkCentre M910z 10NR, ThinkCentre M910z 10NS, ThinkCentre M910z 10NT, ThinkCentre M910z 10NU, ThinkCentre M93 10A0, ThinkCentre M93 10A2, ThinkCentre M93 10A3, ThinkCentre M93 10A4, ThinkCentre M93 10A5, ThinkCentre M93p 10A6, ThinkCentre M93p 10A7, ThinkCentre M93p 10A8, ThinkCentre M93p 10A9, ThinkCentre M93p 10AA, ThinkCentre M93p 10AB, ThinkCentre M93z 10AC, ThinkCentre M93z 10AD, ThinkCentre M93z 10AE, ThinkCentre M93z 10AF, ThinkCentre P9 10F2, ThinkCentre P9 10F3, ThinkCentre X1 10HT, ThinkCentre X1 10HU, ThinkCentre X1 10JW, ThinkCentre X1 10JX, ThinkCentre X1 10K0, ThinkCentre X1 10KE, ThinkCentre X1 10KF, ThinkPad 10 20C1, ThinkPad 10 20C3, ThinkPad 10 20E3, ThinkPad 10 20E4, ThinkPad 11e 20G8, ThinkPad 11e 20G9, ThinkPad 11e 20GB, ThinkPad 11e Chromebook 20GD, ThinkPad 11e Chromebook 20GF, Thinkpad 13 20GJ, Thinkpad 13 20GK, Thinkpad 13 20J1, ThinkPad E450 20DC, ThinkPad E450 20DD, ThinkPad E455 20DE, ThinkPad E460 20ET, ThinkPad E460 20EU, ThinkPad E465 20EX, ThinkPad E470 20H1, ThinkPad E470 20H2, ThinkPad E475 20H4, ThinkPad E560 20EV, ThinkPad E560 20EW, ThinkPad E560p 20G4, ThinkPad E560p 20G5, ThinkPad E565 20EY, ThinkPad E570 20H5, ThinkPad E570 20H6, ThinkPad E575 20H8, ThinkPad Edge E550 20DF, ThinkPad Edge E550 20DG, ThinkPad Edge E555 20DH, ThinkPad Helix 20CG, ThinkPad Helix 20CH, ThinkPad L450 20DS, ThinkPad L450 20DT, ThinkPad L460 20FU, ThinkPad L460 20FV, ThinkPad L470 20J4, ThinkPad L470 20J5, ThinkPad L470 20JU, ThinkPad L560 20F1, ThinkPad L560 20F2, ThinkPad P40 Yoga 20GQ, ThinkPad P40 Yoga 20GR, ThinkPad P50 20EN, ThinkPad P50 20EQ, ThinkPad P50s 20FK, ThinkPad P50s 20FL, ThinkPad P70 20ER, ThinkPad P70 20ES, ThinkPad T450 20BU, ThinkPad T450 20BV, ThinkPad T460 20FM, ThinkPad T460 20FN, ThinkPad T460p 20FW, ThinkPad T460p 20FX, ThinkPad T460s 20F9, ThinkPad T460s 20FA, ThinkPad T470 20HD, ThinkPad T470 20HE, ThinkPad T470 20JM, ThinkPad T470s 20HF, ThinkPad T470s 20HG, ThinkPad T470s 20JS, ThinkPad T550 20CJ, ThinkPad T550 20CK, ThinkPad T560 20FH, ThinkPad T560 20FJ, ThinkPad T570 20H9, ThinkPad T570 20HA, ThinkPad T570 20JW, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 20BS, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 20BT, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 20FB, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 20FC, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 20HQ, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 20HR, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 20K4, ThinkPad X1 Tablet 20GG, ThinkPad X1 Tablet 20GH, ThinkPad X1 Yoga 20FQ, ThinkPad X1 Yoga 20FR, ThinkPad X250 20CL, ThinkPad X250 20CM, ThinkPad X260 20F5, ThinkPad X260 20F6, ThinkPad X270 20HN, ThinkPad X270 20K6, ThinkPad Yoga 11e 20G8, ThinkPad Yoga 11e 20GA, ThinkPad Yoga 11e Chromebook 20GC, ThinkPad Yoga 11e Chromebook 20GE, ThinkPad Yoga 12 20DK, ThinkPad Yoga 12 20DL, ThinkPad Yoga 14 20FY, ThinkPad Yoga 20C0, ThinkPad Yoga 20CD, ThinkPad Yoga 260 20FD, ThinkPad Yoga 260 20FE, ThinkPad Yoga 260 20GS, ThinkPad Yoga 260 20GT, ThinkPad Yoga 460 20EL, ThinkPad Yoga 460 20EM, V510z 10NH
This sleek and stylish keyboard and mouse increase productivity while providing wireless convenience. The slim 2.5 zone keyboard has a responsive key feeling and premium typing experience. The standard size mouse compliments the keyboard in design and functionality.
Product Description Lenovo Essential Wireless Combo - keyboard and mouse set - UK English
Device Type Keyboard and mouse set - wireless
Interface 2.4 GHz
Wireless Receiver USB wireless receiver
Input Device Keyboard
Layout UK English
Protection Spill-resistant
Numeric Keypad Yes
Pointing Device Mouse - wireless - laser
Buttons Qty 5
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year warranty
Designed For S200; S500; S510; ThinkCentre M600; M700; M71X; M79; M800; M810; M900; M910; X1; ThinkPad 11; 11e Chromebook; Thinkpad 13; ThinkPad E47X; E56X; E57X; L460; L470; L560; P40 Yoga; P50; T460; T470; T570; X1 Carbon; X1 Tablet; X1 Yoga; X260; X270; ThinkPad Yoga 11; 11e Chromebook; 260; V510

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